Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Registration Time!

It's time to register for next semester!

You should see an advisor within your major. If you are a Computer Science or Information Technology student, you can feel free to visit myself or any of the other full time faculty members within our department. Registration starts Monday, so you should see an advisor ASAP! Note that this can also be done via email or over the phone in some cases (though I recommend doing it in person).

One other big change: if you register now, payment is not due until January 10th! I know some students hesitated to register early because it requires early payment, but now payment is not due until next semester. You can even go in and fill out payment plan forms now, for those of you paying yourself. Here's information from the bursar's email:

* Payment plans available to any student registered for 4 or more credits (provided they have not missed payments in the past).
* A $50 deposit by January 10th will hold the registration with the balance divided into 3 equal payments due – Jan 31, Feb 28 & Mar 30
* Payment plans set up online will avoid the $35 set-up fee.

For those of you interested in scheduling a class with me (or avoiding me!), here is my upper level class schedule:
CIS 106 01 (Introduction to Windows)
CIS 125 01 (Microcomputer Software I - prerequisite CIS 101)
CIS 127 E1 (Microcomputer Software III - prerequisite CIS 125)
CIS 152 01 (Fundamentals of the Internet - prerequisite CIS 101)
CIS 273 E1 (Web Graphics - prerequisite CIS 170)

Search for classes here.