Thursday, April 19, 2007

Massacre at Virginia Tech

The Massacre at Virginia Tech.


The latest news: The killer sent a video, pictures, and documents to NBC via US Postal Service mail. Apparently, it was mailed after the first shootings but before the second shootings. It's amazingly creepy.

Link to Videos and Pictures on NBC

I just don't know how to interpret something like this. People get picked on, people feel defenseless, people feel alone. These things I think we can all relate to. I just can't understand how it comes down to what he did. We live in a world that can certainly be cold sometimes, but to punish people randomly...that's the part that is scary. We can control how nice we are to people, things like that, but there is always a random element that we have no control over.

In this age of technology, we get a glimpse in to a killer's mind that we never got 100, or even 25 years ago. You can see he has his own video and digital cameras that he uses to make a permanent record of what was happening.

Between this, the flooding at our school, the whole Don Imus thing, and the Governor being in the hospital, it's been a truly sobering week.