Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ride free on NJ Transit

One a semester, NJ Transit sets up a "Ride for Free" week for college students - obviously, they are hoping to give you the chance to try out commuting.

Personally, I take the train in a few days a week, and it saves me the stress of driving (especially in bad weather) and also parking. I'll certainly be taking the train in tomorrow to avoid the typical "first day of the semester" traffic and parking jams!

If you register on the Web site below, you will have access to ride NJ Transit as often as you like for free from September 17 - 23 this year. Do you want to go in to the city? Take a bus to Atlantic City? Anywhere they go, you can go for free if you register on their Web site, and show the conductors your college ID and a form that you will print out after registering.

Register here