Thursday, February 14, 2008

Writer Strike - Over!

If you haven't noticed, many TV shows have not had new episodes in a while. This was in large part to the TV writers striking.

How does this tie in to my interests? In addition to depriving me of new episodes of House M.D., it was also interesting to me to see why the writers were striking. The main reason they were striking was over new media revenue streams - in other words, the Internet. The writers are concerned that as time goes on, the Internet will become a place to make money, and their contracts didn't provide them any of the revenue from that.

Anyway, the contract they've signed has provided them with contractual protection in case that the Internet starts becoming a real money making medium. It is a very forward thinking reason to strike, and I am glad they have protected themselves. I am also glad that House M.D. will be back on soon!

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