Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello, Microsoft

So, Microsoft is apparently a little bothered by the Macintosh ads (perhaps you've seen them, with Justin Long as the "Mac" and a generic Bill Gates-looking guy going over the top portraying Microsoft).

So how does Microsoft react? They decide it would be a great idea to pay $10 million to bring in Jerry Seinfeld to headline a $300 million ad campaign to try to one-up Macintosh.

Buy Microsoft, they paid me $10 million bucks!

If they are trying to appear "hip" I honestly don't see how Jerry Seinfeld helps them here. Wasn't this guy a big Macintosh user in his show? And what has he done since his show ended 10 years ago?***

So these ads are supposed to debut on September 4th, with a new slogan "Windows, not Walls" - whatever that means. We'll see if $300 million will fix Microsoft's public relations issues.

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**Correct answer: the Bee Movie and that's it.

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Anny said...

"Windows, not Walls"

Was there a slogan writing campaign amongst grade schoolers?