Thursday, December 04, 2008

FiOS or Optimum?

One of the great things about teaching technology (along with one of the most challenging) is keeping up with the technology. I feel like computers change a lot quicker than, say, math does, especially at the introductory level. Not only do teaching methodologies change, but the content changes. If we were still teaching what we taught 15 years ago, we'd be laughed at, but you could likely get away with a math textbook that is 15 years old.

Anyway, one example is when we see new Internet options show up. I remember the DSL versus cable modem argument, and trying to explain to people that despite commercials, DSL was indeed slower if you got the basic package.

Then FiOS started to arrive.

FiOS is the Fiber Optic Service, and basically, it's a new alternative from Verizon. As they replace older phone lines with Fiberoptic cable, they will be able to offer an Internet experience that compares favorably with Optimum's basic plan, and they've made claims that they will have higher bandwidths than cable in our area, which is more competitive than other areas.

North Jersey recently did a comparison of both, and the results surprised me a bit.

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Thanks to Sue for the heads up!

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