Thursday, July 09, 2009

Okay, I understand now, I really never understood exactly why people in the medical field couldn't just watch TV shows like House, M.D. and just enjoy it. Even if there were minor issues, who cares?

(I love the House, M.D. reviews done by Scott @ Polite Dissent, by the way)

I suppose I got a taste of it yesterday. I was flying back from a mini-vacation on JetBlue, and they have DirectTV. I was watching Judge Mathis (I do like the real-life court shows), and one kid was suing another over a laptop. The way the accuser presented his case made me want to punch the television. He told the judge how his friend had downloaded pornography, which caused the computer to crash. (Does that happen? Sure, but he presented it as if that is the only thing that can happen if you download pornography). Okay, minor issue. The guy then told us how his friend had spilled his beer on the keyboard which "caused the operating system to break".

For the more computer savvy of you, I am sure there are at least two issues in that sentence. The part that concerned me is that the Judge just agreed with him. Come on, bring on someone who knows how to use a computer or something. If I were the Judge, I would have figured this guy was just as likely to have caused the computer to fail with his lack of knowledge about computers. Next thing you know, he'll accuse the guy of breaking his Interweb too.

So, medical people who get irked with House, M.D., I can now relate.


David J. Csuha, CPP, CFE said...

I get a kick out of the cases where one litigant will accuse another of making harassing phone calls, and present their cell phone bill showing the accused's number as "proof". The TV judges have no idea about services like Spooftel or PhoneGanster.

Professor Cameron said...

David, you're right, I've often had those thoughts go through my head as well. Another case I saw ended with one side losing because there was a verbal contract that the other side didn't check. The judge said that in the future, the losing side should send an email saying "I am just confirming our conversation saying blah blah blah" to the person. I was thinking of how easy it is to fake a printout of an email, even with the headers printed. Of course, the person on the other side would claim they never got it, but hey now you have "proof".