Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Watching TV on your PC

I like watching TV shows, and I finally broke down and got a digital video recorder (DVR) at some point, because it was a pain to program my VCR to record all the shows I wanted to see (and yes, I said VCR).

I know many people like the idea of watching television on the PC, because you can do it from locations (like work), and you aren't on the network schedules.  Hulu is a great site for this.  It's free (advertising supported), legal, and lets you view episodes of many shows that have aired recently, even if you don't pay for a television package.  Unlike sites like megavideo, you also don't have to worry about legal issues, time restrictions, and spyware.

If you are like me, you can also hook up an old PC to your television and use Hulu to watch shows on your TV.  I took an old machine, wiped it out, put a basic operating system and security suite on it, and it's now my TV computer.

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