Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joe Biden and the war on piracy

The Vice President of the United States is working with groups to fight piracy of music, movies, and software on the Internet.  According to the article linked below, he considers it theft.  A government officer issued a report that sounds like it actually included intelligent recommendations, including working with file sharing sites based out of the United States (and therefore, not subject to our laws).  For example, sharing copyrighted files here is illegal.  However, in other countries it may not be, so how can the United States prosecute people doing it elsewhere?  (Short answer: we can not as it currently stands).  However, they can collaborate with these countries (and put pressure on them too), which is apparently what this report recommends.

This is part of a more widespread intellectual property proposal that includes things like counterfeit pharmaceuticals and other such things.



Anonymous said...

war on drugs.....war on poverty....war on terror.....war on the oil spill.....now a war on piracy.

Let's have a war on stupid wars!

And people wonder why I have become so jaded with politicians in this Nation.

Anonymous said...

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