Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Vision of Students Today

Students learn differently today than they did even 10 years ago when I was in college. I've been at a number of meetings at PCCC where they emphasize this. It's never easy to change teaching habits.

A few years ago, a professor at Kansas State University put together a video that describes some of these things. Writing on the blackboard should be replaced by more entertaining ways of learning. I grew up on Nintendo, and I personally was bored in college by straight lecture. I think that education is changing, and I think a lot of professors feel like if they are paid to lecture for three hours, they should be lecturing for three hours. I saw this video for the first time last week at an adjunct orientation at Bergen.

I feel like online classes has helped create some momentum in education reform. Professors have had to find ways to redesign education, and this is a good thing.

This video definitely gave me something to think about.


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