Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Official! I am an Author!

As some of you know, I took the 2010-2011 academic year off at Passaic to work on some projects. One of these projects was writing a textbook, and it was awesome to see it has been published and is on Amazon's Web site.

It really has been a dream of mine to actually author a textbook, and Pearson gave me a chance to do this with a small textbook in their Your Office series. The series editor, Amy Kinser, had a vision for how she felt the books should be, and it sounded a lot like the way I try to teach application software. Instead of "click click click", I try to talk about how certain features may be useful in a business environment.
Visit my book on Amazon!

Interestingly enough, the writing wasn't difficult for me. The most tedious part ended up being creating good screen shots, getting them labeled, getting permissions, and so on.

The book definitely will not make me rich - as it is designed to be packaged with the Your Office: Microsoft Office 2010, Volume 1 textbook, I was paid a flat fee rather than a commission. However, it was an exciting start to an authoring career. I hope to contribute more to other texts in the future, and having gone through the process, I know I can do it.


Anonymous said...

Congradulations Prof.Cameron
I hope to see you book publish on the Apple store soon so we can get to read it on an Apple device. I know you will do great with your project.

cinthia said...

congratulations!! and this is just the start! hope to see more books coming up.. =)

David_dez said...

I saw the book on Barnes & Noble's site on Tuesday, it says the book was published on Monday the 6th. Congrats!!!
I already order my copy.