Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Technology: USB flash drive watch

Some companies are starting to take a different approach to USB flash drives. For example, some companies have decided to create a USB drive that doubles as a watch. I know I have had some students lose their USB flash drives. However, if it were attached to your wrist as a watch, would you lose it? (Maybe, and then you would lose your watch too, and I suppose that would be bad.)

It's an interesting idea, at least.



PVM said...

These things are great for carrying documents around. I know many consultants who come in and can deliver a software install/code base without having to drag around a laptop or CD.

A lot of companies now a days are straight up denying the ability for things like USB drives, iPods, and external drives to be hooked up for reasons of information security. The device will not detect by the OS or will not mount. They can potentially carry viruses. The other problem is many companies do not allow data to be taken offsite without express permission from their legal/compliance departments due to it being non-public info, intellectual property, etc.

Ethena said...

I haven't seen one of these in person. How does the cord retract? Does it withdraw when a button is pushed? How long is the cord?

It seems like being tethered to a machine while working would be an undesirable situation. Of course losing your usb drive and watch on the same day would be even more depressing.

I like pens with usb drives under the cap. They should be much more popular.