Friday, August 11, 2006

Is it that time already?

I suppose it's time to start looking for books. If you are planning on buying your books online, NOW is the time to do it so you have the books before the first day of classes!

Interesting note: Amazon's Textbooks section has decent prices, and if you enter the coupon code TEXTBK06 when checking out, you get $15 off any order of $150 or more. Also, they typically offer free shipping on orders over $25.

Now, you may ask, how does one get the names of the books for the classes they are taking in the Fall?

Simple. Go to the school bookstore web site, select the course (for example, for CIS 152 E1, you would first select CIS as the department, click next, select 152, click next, and select ALL for the section and click next. You would then get this information:

Used $28.00 New $37.25
Author: LENGEL Edition: N/A

Used $58.25 New $77.50
Author: SCHNEIDER Edition: 7TH

Plugging that information in to Amazon, you would see the the Electronic Commerce text can be purchased for $60 in "Like New" condition. However, the Web Wizard text can be purchased for as little as $4.98.

Also keep in mind the bookstore typically "bundles" these, so that you can only buy all the books or none at all.

Also remember - if you are not sure about something (if the author or text name doesn't sound right, if it says "Special Edition" or something like that), ask a professor in that department!