Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Scholarships

As I've stated before, scholarships are a great thing to apply for. At worst, they say no, and at best, you pick up a little extra cash to help pay for school. This came across the email the other day. Keep in mind there are things for both CIS and non-CIS majors!

STRAIGHT FORWARD MEDIA SCHOLARSHIPS offers 22 different scholarships to students every year. Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships awards are $500 and students can apply four times per year. Each scholarship program is open to U.S. citizens and International Students attending community colleges and four-year colleges.

Some scholarships that are available are:

Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarship - Awarded twice per year, in the amount of $500.
Get Out of Debt Scholarship - Write a short essay about why you are in debt and why the scholarship will help you attend college.
Nursing School Scholarship - for future nurses.
Teacher Scholarship - for students planning to be a teacher -- of any kind at any level.
Engineering Scholarship - for students pursuing a engineering degree.
Law Enforcement Scholarship - for students studying to be in any facet of law enforcement, including police officers and correctional officers.
Law School Scholarship - for future attorneys, prosecutors and judges.
Media & Communications Scholarship - for the mass communications/media majors.
Medical Professions Scholarship - for those majoring in medical professions.
Minority Scholarship - for college students who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups.
Science Scholarship - for students pursuing a degree in a science-related field.

For additional information and/or the application process, students can go to their website at: