Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Funnies: Hardball Made Easy

Sometimes people just have brilliant ideas in advertising.

As a kid, I remember all sorts of videos for sale, promising to teach you baseball. The people teaching you were never the big name superstars, they were always some guy you had never heard of.

Easton (a company that makes baseball bats) but together a series of videos that are based on a fake former baseball player trying to teach baseball skills. As someone who enjoys baseball, these videos cracked me up. For example, here's a quote from one of the videos:

"Better that they learn about pain from us than a bitter ex-wife"

The videos do feature some real baseball players as "guest instructors". They feature Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs, Brad Hawpe of the Rockies, and Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier of the Dodgers.

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