Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 4th, is of course Election Day. I've personally already voted, through the magic of absentee ballots in NJ. Why? Well, the state of New Jersey allows anyone to vote through an absentee ballot, and I figure my Tuesdays are busy, so I decided to go that route. It would be too late to do it for this election, but if you want to do that in the future, I'll provide a link below.

In terms of who you should vote for, well that is your personal decision, and I respect it. Even in an election where you don't like either candidate, it's always good to vote for SOMEONE - even if it is a third party candidate. The reason? Democrats and Republicans will spend tons of money trying to figure out how to convert you to vote for them next time.

In the latest NJ Governor election, for example, I decided not to vote for either major party candidate - not because I didn't have a favorite, but because both Corzine and Forrester campaigned negatively. I decided that neither of them deserved my vote, so I voted for Hector Castillo, a third party candidate who was running on a campaign of education reform.

If someone wants to represent me, they should stick to what is positive about them and not post campaign ads. If I hadn't already voted, one of the local candidates I already voted for would have lost my vote - there is some "mudslinging" going on all over the place.

If you want unbiased facts about someone, I always find to have good information. They take Barack Obama and John McCain as impartially as they treat Jeffrey Boss, a third party candidate who is running on the campaign that he saw the US Government plan the September 11th attacks and writes IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on his campaign Web site, and that's the way it should be.

Vote, for whoever you think would be the best president, not for who you think is going to win, as my friend Emma said.

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