Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Microsoft Interviews

I led a workshop today discussing interviewing with our internship students. The thing that is interesting is that there are plenty of standard interview questions - "What is your greatest weakness"..."where do you see yourself in five years"...etc, etc.

However, when one starts to look for a higher level job, you get asked harder questions. For example, when I interviewed at one company in my pre-higher education days, I was asked to design a sorting algorithm. Definitely a pain to do, but the interviewer wanted to see my thought process.

I did one of the more difficult ones correctly, and impressed him with it, to the point that he still remembered it five years after I had been hired.

Same type of thing would happen at a company like Microsoft. If they are looking for software engineers or other technical people, they may ask you a few technical questions. One Web site has a list of questions people were asked on Microsoft interviews.

Check out the list here...and be prepared to think.

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