Friday, March 27, 2009

Registration for 2009 Summer and Fall, already!

Advising and registration for the 2009 Summer and Fall semesters starts Monday (3/30/09)...already.

First step - see an advisor. If you are a college level student, you should no longer see anyone from the Center for Student Success for advice on classes - they are generalists. They know a bit about most programs, but are not experts in any of them - there are way too many programs for them to have expert level understanding of all of them.

IT and Business majors - this especially applies for you! There are many options and many schools with different transfer requirements, and it pays to see a faculty advisor. We don't get paid extra for this - I feel like this is one of those real chances we have as faculty members to make a real impact in a one-on-one fashion. Just remember you can see anyone in your major - so find someone who has convenient office hours and someone you can trust to ask some questions. See an advisor ... register now and get the sections of the classes you want and avoid the gym registration and avoid a class at 8:55 am followed by a class at 2:50 pm because all the sections are full.

I guarantee the nurses will start filling up the Anatomy and Physiology courses by 10 am Monday.

If you want to ask questions of me, my office hours are as always posted on the left hand side of my blog.

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