Friday, May 22, 2009


Graduation, each year, is a very important time for me.

Unfortunately, for the first time, my batteries died in my camera so I couldn't take pictures!

However, I want to congratulate all of the Passaic County Community College graduates for 2009. To all of you I saw (Luis, Juan, Fady, Cindy, Tina, Roy, Christian, David, Andrew, Gayatri, Samantha, and everyone else I am surely forgetting) and those of you who couldn't attend, congratulations. PCCC's President, Dr. Rose, quotes a statistic that less than 33% of Americans have a college degree, so to all the graduates, congratulations on joining the top 33% in terms of education in the country.

I think the thing that really drew me to PCCC was that I personally grew up in a family where neither of my parents had gone to college. I was the first Cameron to even go to college, let alone complete a Bachelor's and then a Master's degree. I filled out college applications and financial aid paperwork myself, since my parents didn't really understand all the paperwork. I didn't "come from money", as they say, and without scholarships and loans I would not have even made it to college, let alone made it to the point where I am teaching at one.

While some of you may move on, I am sure some of you are already planning on using the alumni program to get reduced-price classes. If you are transferring, remember that some schools (FDU and NJIT, for example) will let you transfer up to 96 credits towards a degree, so if there is a way you can cut costs using this program, I encourage that!

Congratulations to all the graduates of the PCCC class of 2009!


faten said...

hello prof,
well, i was so excited to attend mt graduation, but as usual, sthg happened that changed all my plans,,lol had to go to phili to pick up my son's
Anyways, im so happy for studying at this school, and im really thankful to all computer teachers (including u ofcourse) to all the help u gave us through all semesters, thankful to u personally for being understanding and helpfull to all students, coz whenever we needed u we found u right beside us helping us and giving us advices and new info in every class..u were really one of my best teachers and i hope that i had most of the classes with u ( though u give tough question sometimes,lol) but we seriuosly respect u so much, and i appreciate all your help and advices that u were giving us without even we ask for it..
thank u prof and thanx to every single teacher and faculty especially the computer teachers for letting us achieve what we've wanted..hope to see all of u soon..
Thank you

Professor Cameron said...

Faten, though it's great to see you graduate, it is always bittersweet to see students leave us. I really do appreciate the kind words, and I hope to see you soon.