Thursday, June 18, 2009

Youtube Annotations

Technology changes all the time, even in the short time that I've been involved in it. One of the things I remember is how difficult image editing was in 1995. It's become easy to do, not only using application software, but now even using Web based applications, such as Youtube. Youtube has even added the ability to add annotations - stories, notes, and even links. This is not brand new - it was added last June - but it is a neat little feature, and of course, Youtube will certainly keep adding features. Now, maintaining the site has certainly cost Google money (estimates are as high as $500 million dollars), but they can afford it. Amazing, when you think about it, huh?


Javier said...

Sad but true. Now anybody can edit a image. U don't even need to read a book, or study image editing. It's good but bad at the same time, cause it takes some credits from people who really spent time studying how to do this stuff. The same goes with web design. Anyway, let's be better in any other stuff, like driving cars, lol.


Professor Cameron said...

Javier, that is the beauty of technology though - I coded Web pages in HTML in 1996 for good money, and now anyone with Microsoft Office Online can do the basics. Technology is not like some fields, which don't change. It constantly evolves, and that's a great thing. The only issue is we need to keep ourselves trained!

Anonymous said...

Technology is always a game of "one upmanship". As Prof. Cameron says, it is a matter of training. Just an example from my limited perspective: "Everyone" knows how to search the Internet, yet I always get other security consultants asking me to find things for them online. I had a friend working in a bio-research lab who needed some basic information on security in those types of installations. When I presented him with a security "handbook" from an animal rights group (a threat to these installations), he was surprised. When I presented him with the layout for the Plumb Island Animal Research facility, he was speechless.

When "everyone" knows how to do something, then you learn to do the "something" more efficiently, effectively, and achieve better results.