Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Stuff Contest - $100 Google AdSense Credit

People always seem to wonder how Web sites make money.  Much like television, much of the money comes from advertising.  Large companies have enough staff to set up and maintain advertising relationships, but most small companies and one-person Web sites do not have the staff to do all that work.  This is an excellent way for people to make money on the Internet, without needing a huge infrastructure.

One of the companies that does this type of advertising is Google.  People who want to advertise with Google sign up through Google AdWords, and those advertisers pay for the services they want.

The other half of the equation is Google AdSense.  Google AdSense is the site where people who have content (bloggers, small Web sites, etc.) can sign up.  Google gives them the HTML code, and all the person needs to do is add that code to their site and ads show up.

Google, by being the "middle man", makes money connecting the two.

I participate in the Google AdSense system, in large part because when I teach these concepts, I can say that I know how to do them from experience.  I don't have the traffic to make any real money off of it.

Anyway, Google recently sent me a letter that included a free $100 worth of Google AdWords advertising credit.  I could advertise my blog, but I don't really see the sense in it, so I figured it might be nicer to give this advertising credit to someone who might actually have a use for it.  This credit starts losing value after 3/5/10 and expires completely on 3/31/10, so you have to sign  up and apply it to your account before that point.

This is open to students and non-students alike.  To enter, just email me and tell me why you want it.  Anyone with a Web site to advertise is eligible.

Since this is a limited time offer from Google, email me as soon as possible.    Again, all I want is to see it go to good use.

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