Monday, February 01, 2010

Ultimate Steal

Every semester, I try to bring this up in my classes.  Microsoft has made available a number of programs available at a low cost for students.

For example, the Microsoft Office 2007 Home Edition would cost you around $125 - $150 to purchase.  This would include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  However, as a student at certain schools, you are eligible to receive a copy of Office 2007 "Ultimate" for $59.95.  This version includes not only the programs listed above, but also Access and Publisher.  The nice part is that this is not only inexpensive, but also legal.  I can understand why people take a risk and download illegal software, but when you have the chance to legally acquire the software at this price, why take the risk?

They also have made available Windows 7 for $64.95. 

Note you will have to register with your school email address (  Also note that they don't mail you an installation CD - the install is done through the Internet.

Note that even though this is not a site, it does redirect there and I can confirm this is legitimate.

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