Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cyber Crooks and Disasters

As always, criminals are clever. 

When disasters or other newsworthy events happen, they rush to get information out there.  The goal is to get people to visit their sites, and if they can be the first results on Google after an incident, they can often infect people before Google has a chance to filter out the results.

For example, when the recent Icelandic volcano eruption happened, the scammers were smart enough to realize people were not going to search for the actual name of the volcano (Eyjafjall), because who is going to remember that spelling?  Instead, they had results up quickly for the search terms people would likely use - things like Icelandic volcano eruption.  By getting their results on to Google quickly, they had the chance to infect people's PCs.

Interestingly enough, newspapers want to be the first people to report news to gain prestige.  They are now competing with hackers.


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