Saturday, May 15, 2010


I know I announced this in some of my classes, but I wanted to make a public mention of this.  I will be taking a leave of absence from PCCC next year.  Since I am tenured, this is not an end, but rather a chance for me to take some time and recharge. The College has supported me in this, so I thank them for that.

My plan is to return in the Fall 2011 semester.  I still plan on updating this blog and being around, and of course I will be at graduation this year (and next year).


Cinthia Torres said...

Every good professor needs a "break" from dealing with students, grading homeworks n tests , attending meetings and all those stuff..!!

Hope you really enjoy a whole year away from PCCC.

I'll see you at graduation this Thursday

Javier said...

Prof. C,

Hopefully time will fly so we'll have you back soon.

Enjoy your life and best wishes for any direction you may take.