Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rent Textbooks....Save Money

A lot of times, students simply need textbooks for one semester.

There's a Web site out called Chegg that will let you "rent" a textbook, rather than buy it. They also promise to plant a tree for every book rented, which is nice and environmentally friendly.

I checked this out quickly for my CIS 106 class.

The bookstore is charging $86.75 for a new textbook and $65.25 used. A lot of that value disappears because most students do not plan on keeping the book, and they will sell it back to the bookstore for somewhere around 10% of the price.

Chegg has the book for $33.26 for a semester rental. Our semester ends a little later, so you can expand it for another 15 days (which would take you through finals) for an additional $4.99. The final cost would be $38.25. They also would pay for your shipping back, giving you a pretty decent savings.

This is a really interesting idea that I really like.

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Chegg Support Team Member said...

We are so happy you stumbled upon Chegg. We are ready for the 2008-2009 school year and are serving 2,100 plus schools this year.
Order soon as August 19th is the biggest textbook ordering day. As always, we would love to know your feedback once you have tried the service.

Chegg Support Team Member