Monday, January 21, 2008

Saving Money...

The problem a lot of people have with saving money is that "it's hard to do".

Well, this is true on some level. If saving money were easy, everyone would be rich, right? On some level, this is true, but on another level, realize that there are a lot of things we can do to save $1 here, $5 there, etc.

For example, PCCC students, did you know that the school has a payment plan for courses? For those of you who are paying out of pocket, you could pay it all at once, or set up a payment plan. The problem with payment plans is that they cost $35 to do...


You do your payments online. This is the best of both worlds - you save $35, while being able to put away some of the money for another month or two. Also, if you have one of those credit cards that reward you for making purchases, you can gain rewards for it.

I know $35 doesn't sound like a lot, but if you manage to save $35 here, and $10 there, and $15 over there, you end up with some real money over time.

Payment plan information

In that same vein, saving money is even easier when you have someone else giving you tips. For example, one of my favorite Web sites is the Simple Dollar. It's basically a blog with money saving tips and tricks. I've seen tips for beginners with simple money saving tips and some more advanced such as finding the right credit card or investing.

His Web site is located at the URL below:

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