Thursday, March 20, 2008

Advances in Flash Memory

This is a story from the end of last year, but Samsung announced that they had found a way to create a 128 GB flash memory card. To put this in perspective, many of the ones you see today are around 32 GB at the most, though 8 GB is much more common. Every once in a while, the manufacturers hit some sort of theoretical maximum and have to redesign things, and it sounds like Samsung found a way around the current set of limitations.

Where flash memory cards go, USB flash drives will go as well, and this means some exciting advances are in our future for USB storage. For reference, I have a 4 GB flash drive that I can't fill up.

That 128 GB memory card, for the record, would hold the contents of almost 90,000 floppy disks. We've come a long way from the floppy disk, ladies and gentlemen.

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