Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rate Your Professors

Yes, I've mentioned this before, but who REALLY goes back through the archives, right?

I think education is very valuable. I hope those of you who are students feel the same. I think part of that value is in the person you have teaching a class. It's sad, but sometimes you have people who are not very good teachers. Even if you end up with a decent grade sometimes, just because you get an "A" in a class doesn't mean it was a worthwhile experience.

Anyway, the ability to find out how good a professor is is nothing new. People have been passing things along verbally forever. It can be done online for free as well now, at the site

One bad rating does not make a bad instructor, and likewise, one good rating doesn't make someone a great instructor. However, if you see many ratings, the truth usually rises out.

Take, for example, Professor Mosley. He's strict, but a great professor - ask around. He has had more than 50 students rate him on the site, and he's rated a 4.8 out of 5.0. That tells you something right there, that the man has the respect of his students.

On the other side, there are other professors who have consistently poor ratings.

Check it out for yourself. Here's a direct link to PCCC on RateMyProfessors:

For those of you on MySpace, there is also a professor ratings page, but it is not nearly as complete as RateMyProfessors.

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