Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome David Paterson

Today, aside from being St. Patrick's Day, is a historical day.

David Paterson is being sworn in at 1 PM today to replace Eliot Spitzer as the governor of New York. Paterson is making history in a few ways. First of all, he is the first African-American governor in New York history, and secondly, he will be the second blind governor in US history.

Of course, there is the other side of it, the reason Spitzer resigned, which brought a lot of controversy in my classes when I brought it up. It turns out there were multiple women that he had, um, vacations with. One of the more recent ones has a MySpace page. It turns out she is a songwriter as well. It turns out her songs have been downloaded a lot (legally, too, believe it or not), and estimates that a lot of people have purchased her songs. Actual numbers have not yet been confirmed. Amazing, isn't it?

Z100 (a New York radio station) has been playing her song, because it apparently has been requested a lot.

Amazing, no?


Wendy said...

Other radio stations have been playing "Love Client # 9" a spoof on the by The Searchers...

Professor Cameron said...

Oh, yes, New York is having a TON of fun with this!

Anny said...

Paterson and his wife are already embroiled in extra-marital drama one day into his appointment!

Cali can't compete with this east coast drama