Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Child Pornography Ring broken up

In my CIS 152 course this semester, we've discussed some of the "threats" online. As someone who has an interest in things like hacking, I always look at things like hacking, phishing, and viruses first. However, in another example of me learning from my students, I've also become more aware of things like online predators and child pornography.

Recently, a ring of child pornographers was brought down. What makes this even more immoral is that some of the children were only 5 years old. They've found over 400,000 images, and thus far have identified 22 individuals as part of this ring, 12 of whom were Americans.

Definitely a very sobering reminder of the types of people out there. These things have always existed, but with the ability to transfer images easily, technology has definitely taken perversions like this to the next level.

Link to article

Thanks to Thelma for the heads up!

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